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One of the greatest challenges of working in a manufacturing or processing facility is to do so with little to no down time in production. With over 25 years of experience working with industrial clients, Northern Painters knows how to manage these projects with minimal disruption, work within the clients’ schedule, and complete the project on time. Whether preparing for a “Walk Through”, completing scheduled maintenance, or overhauling an aging facility, Northern Painters has the training and expertise to make it happen.

Degreasing and restoring operating machinery that are in production also requires a high level of flexibility and productivity. Northern Painters uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove built up debris, grease and dirt, and then apply appropriately compatible coatings to restore the machinery to its original lustre. And it’s all completed with minimal downtime and disruption, allowing our customers’ production to stay on schedule.

Pipe colour coding and labelling communicates the substance each pipe is carrying, and identifies any potential hazards. Northern’s people are trained in ASTM pipe identification standards. From colour coding to applying directional arrows and labels, Northern`s team has the knowledge and expertise required to help companies comply with their industry standards.

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We offer commercial and industrial painting services.

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