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Epoxy floor systems range from coatings applied with a roller or squeegee, to trowel-down systems. Key to the successful adhesion and long term durability of any epoxy system is surface preparation. Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding are the most common methods of floor preparation, and Northern’s craftspeople extensively trained in the safe and effective use of these technologies. Northern Painters has installed a range of flooring systems including fluid applied, 100% solids coatings, trowel-down or broadcast quartz systems with integrated cove base, and static-dissipative epoxy systems.

Whether on a newly applied epoxy floor or on a previously existing coating, floor lines and markings can direct traffic flow, enhance health and safety and facilitate play. Northern Painters’ craftspeople are trained in the proper surface preparation and application techniques to ensure a long-lasting result, resilient to wear and abrasion. Northern Painters has experience in the application of sports courts and team logos in gymnasiums, mouse lines in food processing plants, and designated walkways and pedestrian traffic markings in various types of facilities.

Northern Painters also applies lines and markings in exterior spaces. Whether in a parking lot or shipping and receiving area, these lines direct traffic flow and promote safety. And because these markings are normally applied in high traffic areas, Northern Painters works with their customers to ensure minimal disruption of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and maximize safety. Northern has experience applying parking space lines, wheelchair and no parking symbols and directional arrows, as well as the painting of safety bollards & curbs. Get in touch with us for more details.



We offer commercial and industrial painting services.

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