Historical Restoration Services

At Northern Painters, we have a team of trained professionals with the expertise to handle your historical restoration service needs. In order to make sure that your historic property doesn’t lose its charm, we pay attention to the details in various aspects such as the colour, texture, and pattern on the existing surfaces. Whether you want to restore your walls and ceilings or need drywall repairs or window restoration, we can handle it all. At Northern Painters, our goal is to restore your old property to its former glory using quality craftsmanship and materials. From historical finishes to masonry coatings, we have you covered.

Historical Finishes

The restoration of damaged surfaces due to failed coatings in historical environments is much more involved than a typical repainting project, and requires a particular level of skill, experience and knowledge. The process includes substantial, and potentially, complete removal of the existing coating, followed by substrate repair, using systems and equipment for containment of paint chips and dust. Finally, the selection of the appropriate coating system for repainting is critical in order to maintain the historical significance of the structure.

Masonry Coatings

The key to preserving masonry surfaces in historical settings is the selection and application of the clear coating that protects the surface from moisture penetration while maintaining the historical aesthetic of the structure.

Window Restoration

Antique windows were built to last, to be repaired as needed and to remain in use for as long as the structure exists. But this restoration requires experience and knowledge, including the use of unique systems and equipment for the removal of aged glazing and multiple layers of paint, to reveal the original substrate. With the proper historical finishes and classic glazing techniques, these windows can be returned to their original aesthetic, while at the same time, maintaining their historical value.

Our Most Common Restoration Services Include:

  • Plaster and drywall repairs

  • Window restoration

  • Historical finishes

  • Masonry coatings

  • Ceiling tile restoration

A historical restoration project will be successfully completed when the service provider treats his/her clients as family and the property as his own, and at Northern Painters, we do the same. Help us serve you better. If you have any question regarding restoring your old property, call us right away.

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